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Efficiency of Battery:
Measured by Ampere-Hour, Watts and Voltage.

 Specific Power:
Specific discharge rate of a battery.

Specific Energy:
Measurement of stored power within a battery or battery pack


High Rate Discharge Batteries:

Some applications call for a battery that will discharge energy at a high rate. The energy inside the battery is used or replaced in a short period of time. These batteries typically have a lower mAh  (Mille Amp Hour) capacity due to the added amount of metal used inside the battery to enhance electrical performance. These batteries will also have a shorter life cycle due to the extreme charge and discharge conditions that they are subjected to.
(These batteries are made to discharge lots of energy very fast for a short period of time)

NiMh Battery:
abbreviation for Nickel Metal Hydride Battery:

Manufactured from nickel hydroxide and hydrogen absorbing metals. These rechargeable batteries provide 40% more battery life than Ni-Cd batteries. Ni-MH batteries are 1.2 Volts. Ni-MH will NOT suffer from "Memory Effect" often found in Ni-Cd batteries. This battery is considered more "Environmentally Friendly" than NiCd or Alkaline batteries.
Shipped to consumer with very low level of charge for SAFETY. Must be fully charged before use.

Nickel Metal Hydride storage Tips:

  • Charge with specified charger only.
  • Use a "SMART CHARGER" to charge batteries(circuited to sense full charge on batteries then shut off) or a Timer charger( timed to shut off)
  • Do not fully discharge Nickel Metal Hydride batteries or packs.
  • Do not expose to fire or explosion can occur.
  • Keep away from rain, moisture and seawater.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble or reassemble battery pack.



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Supreme Power Product Warranty

LifeLight otoscope and ophthalmoscope batteries carry a full 24-month warranty. 
Batteries are dated on the month they are shipped and warranty is good for 24 months thereafter.

Supreme Power LifeLight batteries are not prorated on warranty for time of use.

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