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So all you need to know to figure discharge rates is the batteries mille Amp hour (mAh) divided by the mAh per hour discharged and your rate of discharge (how long your appliance with run with the specified battery)

Some manufactures place the (output-discharge rate) on their devices, but most DO NOT.  To find out the discharge rate you could call the manufacture of your device if it is not noted on the appliance.

Foot Note: Added 05/25/05 Most rechargeable batteries are shipped with only a 30% charge for safety purposes. Fully charge all NEW batteries before use. As NiMh and NiCd batteries reach their normal LIFE SPAN  it will take longer for them to fully charge,  they will lose power faster and will hold less mili amps per charge.

Primary Battery:
Not Rechargeable. Examples of Primary batteries are Alkaline, Super Heavy Duty, Lithium primary batteries.

Secondary Battery:
Refers to all rechargeable batteries

Capped Battery: 9 Volt Battery Cap:
A 9 Volt battery that has a detachable terminal protector for safe guarding against shorting out in transport or travel. Some models of NiCd and NiMh batteries with soldier pins attached are also shipped with pins "Capped" with removable protectors.

The chemical in a battery that conducts the current between the positive and negative electrodes.

Anode Electrode:
Electrode were LOSS of electrons takes place.

Discharging-uses negative electrode.

Charging-uses positive.

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Supreme Power LifeLight batteries are not prorated on warranty for time of use.

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