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Well we will try to explain this:

A 9 Volt Battery whether it is Alkaline or Ni-MH is actually several very small batteries joined together inside a battery case to make a 9 volt battery. 9 Volt Ni-MH batteries are mostly manufactured now with 7 battery cells instead of 6.
Because of improvements in technology, manufactures have been able to make the individual cells much smaller and can therefore fit 7 - 1.2 Volt batteries inside the 9 volt case.

Example: each Alkaline battery connected together:

1.5V + 1.5V + 1.5V + 1.5V + 1.5V + 1.5 V = 9.0 Volts

Example: each 1.2-volt Ni-MH battery connected together.

1.2v + 1.2v + 1.2V + 1.2V + 1.2V + 1.2V + 1.2V = 8.4 Total Volts

I know what the next question is going to be....A 9 Volt Ni-MH battery is NOT 9 Volts so why is called that?
Right ....but it is the closest they have come so far to a true 9 Volt  rechargeable battery. And they can and do substitute well for a 9 Volt Alkaline.

So you  see the 9 volt battery you by at the store is just a small battery pack placed in a plastic outer case to make it one battery unit. You can  achieve different voltages.by changing the of how the cells connect  to each other. Some of the configurations used in battery pack manufacturing are batteries side by side with connectors from positive to positive creates one voltage, side by side with connectors from positive to negative achieves a different voltage, while stacking the batteries one over the other achieves yet another voltage.


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