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Amp (abbreviation for Ampere): Commonly called Amp Hour:
1 unit of measure of electric power. The strength of a current of electricity expressed as amperes (Amps per Hour)

The strength of electrical current in a given application. (1 amp = 1000 mili amps)

                (2 amps+2000mili amps)

Dry Cell battery:
Any battery that does not have liquid in side. Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium, Zinc Chloride batteries are all considered DRY CELL BATTERIES.

Any battery that has liquid inside it are examples of batteries are considered WET CELLS. Automotive batteries are a example of some types of wet cells.

The strength of current in a battery. Voltage can vary with type of battery.
         Ni-MH is 1.2 Volts
         Ni-Cd is 1.2 Volts
         Lithium is 3.3 Volts
         Alkaline is 1.5 Volts.
         Zinc Air Coin Battery is 1.4 Volts
         Silver Oxide Coin Battery is 1.5 volts
         Ni-MH 9 Volt is actually 8.4

(explanation as follows)
Now, I know you wondering why is a 9 Volt Nickel Metal Hydride battery is termed 9 Volts even though it says on the battery that it is 8.4 Volts.

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