NiMh 220 mAh 9Volt Specification sheet

SUPREME POWER                                                                   H9V200 (6F22) NiMh 220-9 Volt



Type                                                                                  Sealed Ni-Mh Prismatic Battery Pack

Size                                                                                    H9V200 (6F22)

Model                                                                                Ni-Mh 9V200 (6F22)

Nominal Voltage                                                              8.4V

Nominal Capacity (20 C, Standard Charge,                  200mAh
                 0.2A discharge to7.0V)

Typical Capacity                                                               220 mAh

Minimum Capacity                                                           200 mAh

Dimensions (include PVC Tube)
                 Height(h):                                                          Max: 48.5mm
                 Width(W):                                                         Max: 26.4mm
                 Thickness (t):                                                    Max: 16.5mm

NiMh 220-9 Volt dimensions pic

Charging Method:  (20 C)
Standard Charge:                                                               Charge with 0.1 A(20mA) for 14-16 hour

Quick Charge:                                                                    Charge with 0.3/, A (60) for 4 to 5 hours

Fast Charge:                                                                       Charge with 1.0/, A (200mA) for 1.2 hours
                                                                                                    (under-AV controlled 70mV)

Max Overcharge Current                                                  0.1/, A (20mA) ( no longer than 100 hours)

Trickle Current:                                                                  6-10mA

Operating Temperature (reference only)
                    Storage                                                              -20C-+35C
                    Discharge                                                          -20C -+60C
                    Standard Charge                                                0C -+45C
                    Fast Charge                                                      +10C -+45C

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Testing Item

Testing Conditions


Standard Testing Condition

If not Specifically discribed
Temperature 20 degrees C +- 5 degrees C
Relative Humidity: 65-20%
Parament measuring instruments:
1% for voltage/current/capacity:
2 degrees C for temperature:
0.1% for time

(1) Standard Charge

0.2/,A discharge to 7.0V, then 0.1/,A
charge for 14-16 hours (Constant Current)

(2) Fast Charge

0.2/,A discharge to 7.0V, then 0.1/,A
charge for1.2 hours (Under -AV controlled 70mV) 

(3) Open Circuit Voltage

Test within 14 days after standard charge


(4)Nominal Capacity

Have 1-4 hour of rest after standard charge, then 0.2 /,A is charge tom 7.0V, 3 cycles

+270 minutes

(5)High Rate Discharge Capacity

Have 1-4 hour of rest after fast charge, then 1.0/,A discharge to 7.0)V, 3 cycles permitted

+54 minutes

(6) Cycle Life

2) GB/T 22084,2-2008/IEC61951-2-2003 (

+500 cycles

(7) Overcharge

After (4) testing, the cell shall be charged, in a n ambient temperature of 20 C + 5 C at a constant current of 0.1/,A for 48 hours. After this charging operation, the cell shall be stored  in an ambient temperature of 20 C + 5 C for not less then 1 hour and not more than 4 hour.
The cell current of 0.2/,A to a final voltage of 7.0V

+270 minutes

Safety Devise Operation

The cell shall undergo a forced discharge in an ambient temperature 20C +5C at a constant current of 0.2/,A to a final voltage 0f )V.
The current shall then be increased to 0.5 /,A and forced discharge continued in the same ambient temperature of 20 C+ 5 C for 120 minutes

The cell shall not disrupt or burst.
Leakage of electrolyte and the deformation of the cell are acceptable

(9) Temperature

Fast charged as (2) under 20+5C stored 3 hours under following temperature, then 0.1.0/A discharge to 7.0V
(a) Discharging Temperature: 0 C
(b) Discharging Temperature: 20 C
(c) Discharging Temperature: 40 C

Discharging Time:
50 Minutes
54 minutes
50 minutes

Charge (capacity)
retention (Self-discharge)

After standard charge and stored for 28 days under 20+5C, then 0.2/,A discharged to 7.0V

Discharging Time 180 minutes

(11) Storage

Standard Charged as (1) condition and stored for 12 months under 20 C + 5 C then tested as (4) condition

Discharging Time:
240 minutes

NiMh 220-9 volt charge/dis-charge chart

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