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  • Supreme Technologies, Inc manufactures Supreme Power TM medical  battery packs for all applications .
  • Our medical battery packs are used in optical products, audio test equipment, patient monitoring applications, In-Home care appliances, personal mobility applications, emergency services and more.
  • Supreme Technologies, Inc can offer assemble of medical battery packs in any medical  battery configuration or battery chemistry.
  • With our  extensive  knowledge in assemby of medical quality Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs, Nickel Cadmium battery packs and Lithium medical battery packs we can offer your company a "High Quality Product" at afforable pricing.
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a safe, reliable and quality product, while working with you to assure continued success of your product in medical enviroment today.  
  • We have set forth our quality assurance standards to meet and exceed ISO certification.

Our quality assurance battery pack manufacturing road map tests and qualifies all battery packs through  every step of  sample making and assembly.

Checks and balances set forth to quality assurance medical battery packs through sample making and assembly:

  1. Check CAD drawing and discuss  medical application requirements with client
  2. Check battery pack requirements against medical product circuitry
  3. Make suggestions to client on added safety features that could be added to product in developement stage (If needed)
  4. Assemble all required components
  5. Inspect all components for quality assurance
  6. Pre-test all cells/ batteries used in medical battery pack assembly
  7. Assemble samples of medical battery pack  for customer consideration and testing in product
  8. Make any changes to improve performance of medical battery pack or medical product (if needed)
  9.  Advise client of possible circuitry issues in their product and advise/suggest  improvements
  10. Check, Check and Double check all the above .
  11. Start assembly of medical battery packs at clients acceptance and approval.
  12. At  assembly battery packs are checked for size tolerances ,cosmetic  flaws, proper shrink wrapping, tight wielding of wire leads (if used) , proper connector attachment to leads,.
  13. Random samples from production are tested for accuracy against the Cad Drawing.
  14. Assign lot #'s to battery pack for proper tracking
  15. We keep a specified number battery packs from each clients assembly/or samples on hand for future reference. (This is a important issue if product circuitry fails or does not perform in needed manner and adjustments to battery packs and/or product circuitry are needed.)

And we do not stop quality assurance checks after delivery of medical battery packs to client. Periodically we touch base with our clients to assure their satisfaction and  inquire on the performance of the product.

At any point we can revisit the requirements and improve the medical battery packs to help you be a success.

Are you are looking for a medical battery pack manufacture that works towards your medical products success? We strive to form long term partnerships that benefit you.


Supreme Power Product Warranty

LifeLight otoscope and ophthalmoscope batteries carry a full 24-month warranty. 
Batteries are dated on the month they are shipped and warranty is good for 24 months thereafter.

Supreme Power LifeLight batteries are not prorated on warranty for time of use.

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